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Rotary spray cleaning machine

Rotary spray cleaning machine

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Product name: Rotary spray cleaning machine

Model: TL-3000

Applicable fields:

This equipment is suitable for cleaning the external surface of various types of workpieces, such as cleaning of wave soldering fixtures, cleaning of reflow soldering condensers, cleaning of various hardware parts after processing, cleaning of parts after equipment disassembly, auto parts, various shells , Cabinet, etc. During the operation of the equipment, the workpiece rotates with the cleaning basket in the cleaning basket, and at the same time, the spray system sprays the heated cleaning fluid at high pressure, which can clean the workpiece in all directions.

Features of rotary spray cleaning machine:

One-button operation, the equipment has the entire process of cleaning, rinsing, wind cutting, and drying to be completed automatically without manual intervention;

The cleaning batch is large, which can save a lot of labor. The cleaning room is equipped with a visual window, and the cleaning room is equipped with lighting bulbs. The cleaning process is clear at a glance;

After cleaning, the surface of the workpiece is dry and clean, the spray pressure is adjustable, and the 720 degree omni-directional spraying, cleaning without dead ends;

The equipment has a real-time circulating filter system for cleaning and rinsing liquid, and the filter system is equipped with a pressure monitoring function, which greatly improves the efficiency of liquid utilization and prompts for filter replacement;

The equipment has low energy consumption, low operating noise, no pollution, and a good environment;

All air pressure needs an electronic alarm monitoring meter, when the air pressure does not reach the standard, it will automatically stop and alarm;


Working principle of rotary spray cleaning machine:

Manually put-pump booster-centralized 10um filtration-spray online cleaning-recycling-pump booster-online 0.45um three-stage filter-spray online rinsing-wind cutting drying- Heating and drying-manual removal



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