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Explain how the wet electrostatic precipitator works?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

 Wet electrostatic precipitator is one of the products produced by our company. Its production occupies a very important position in the dust removal industry. In order for everyone to better understand our products, let us explain to you how it is. Dust removal work. Hope our explanation can bring you some help.

   A wet electrostatic precipitator  is if you have two structural forms, one is that the use of etching the electrically conductive material of the dust-collecting electrode, through which the other is a water jet or water, is still conducting water film is formed, not by using The dust collector made of conductive non-metallic materials can also be based on the exhaust gas flow. 

    Divided into horizontal or vertical. The boring matter is mostly divided into a plate structure. The gas flow direction is divided into a horizontal direction. The structure is similar. The dry electrostatic precipitator technology is all tubular structure masonry. Liu Qing maintains the transplantation direction. Generally speaking, under the same ventilation interface The efficiency of the vertical flow type is twice as high as that of the constant flow type, and the dust collected on the pole plate can be washed down by water. Only performance can be avoided. Wet cleaning can prevent the trapped dust from flying again and achieve a high dust removal efficiency. The operation without rapping device is also more reliable. The device that uses water spray or overflow water to form a conductive film on the surface of the dust collector has problems with corrosion, sludge and sewage treatment. It is only used when the gas dust concentration is low and the dust removal  electrostatic precipitator efficiency is high;

    The above is how the wet  that we have explained to you does the dust removal work? I hope that our explanation today can bring you some help, and also help you to better use the product in our future. What else do you want to know about. I am interested in our products, so come to our company as soon as possible to investigate and understand.





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