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Blister dust collector

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Membrane dust removal machine

Membrane dust removal machine

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Product Name: Membrane Sheet Cleaning Series      Membrane Cleaning Machine     Membrane Dust Collector

Model: TL-M300


1. Printed circuit boards: flexible circuit boards, copper foil substrates, polyimide films, film buttons, ceramic substrates, negatives and substrates of various thicknesses are exposed to light, printing, pasting, pressing, drilling, slitting, Clean the board surface for cutting, inspection and other operations.

2. Photoelectric display: TFT-LCD, STN, TN, LCD TV, touch panel, polarizer, light module, reflector, diffuser, light guide, optical acrylic, glass substrate and other substrate cutting, Cleaning of the board surface for coating, laminating, printing, assembly, inspection and other operations.

3. Precision screen printing: PC, PP, PE, PET, PMMA, PVC, trademarks, laser trademarks, stickers, release paper and other cutting, coating, sticking, filming, exposure, printing, etc. clean.




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